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CASH TAG 3 - 5 Tabs Vinyl Wristbands 500


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Available in 3 & 5 Tabs for online.
For additional Tabs or Custom Please email
Durable for outside or 2 to 3 day events
One Size Fits All
Snap Enclosures

Vinyl wristbands are used for all applications in which a visual means of identification is needed, our quality vinyl wristbands are comfortable and durable for extended wear. The non-reusable locking plastic snaps discourages transfer and increases security.
Our wrist bands come in a wide array of different colors.

Custom Print must be emailed to or 
call us at 888-746-8882

 All solid color plastic and vinyl wristbands are ava for custom printing (not on-line)
You will be charged a one time plate fee of $79 and printing fees.